Photography from another angle

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

My love to art was in the beginning.

It happened after my beloved mother passed away. I was just seventeen, a new immigrant in Israel, from Bucharest Romania, a holocaust survivor, as a young child, suffering the loss of my former life and struggling to adjust to the demanding new world.

In my high school studies, in the renowned schools of Gymnasia Herzeliya, Tel Aviv, and Ohel Shem, Ramat Gan, I acquired the basic principles of plastic art. I had to give up my dreams of art studies, because we could not afford it.
My older brother loaned me a Russian camera, called Zorki. I was fascinated. Helped by my good technical skills, in photography, I could make art quite easily!

Still now, at the age of eighty, I am captive by the spell of photography. This is my main occupation. This is my life.

The computer and internet stormy revolution threw me up to unknown dimensions and spheres. The various programming devices enabled me to express the artistic themes, that I detected around me, more clearly and vigorously than ever. I could "paint" them as I had envisioned them. I could extract the abstract theme form its banal environment and let my imagination a free expression. My subconscious could transmit messages directly to the subconscious of the viewer!

Moreover, I could launch to the air a well-designed art site and publish through Facebook, thus reach constantly more and more art consumers, get their feedback and learn through their genuine responses, how to improve my art. Interactive relationship with the viewers all over the world, is fascinating, productive, and immensely satisfying. The Wisdom of the Crowds at its best!

I am open to contacts through this website and through Facebook.

The system for purchasing my art is by choosing the desired picture and requesting enlargements, according to the needs. Enlargements on demand are made on any material and frames, available in the market.

About Yoel Harel

At the age of seventeen I managed to go through a childhood of fear during World War Bucharest Romania, and later fear of the totalitarian regime, cut off from my landscape and immigration to Israel, longing for Romania, difficult absorption in the country and the death of my beloved mother.

I looked for a way to express everything I had gone through and find my way.
I was attracted to art. I tried to paint and sculpt and was not pleased. My brother gave me a borrowed Russian camera called Zorki, a Soviet replica of the famous "Leica" camera.

I began enthusiastically to photograph the world around me as I see it and felt it. I felt that I had found a way to express my personal vision. As an anchor and a lighthouse in the hard thicket, the photograph gave me a sense of reality and helped me make my way.

From the beginning I knew that I was seeing things around me in a different way. I saw and discovered hidden meaning. I saw objects, phenomena and relations and absorbed the abstract concept they convey. I saw in the simplest details the conceptual symbols embedded in them. I saw beauty in them. These ideas and beauty I passed on and I transfer my photographs to others, to the world.

Over the years I have learned that you can communicate with people without words in a universal language that everyone knows. I have learned that visual representations convey conceptual concepts by applying the layer of reason and logic by spontaneous and natural thinking.
My images stimulate imagination and activate thinking.

  • Yoel Harel Kuenstler, PRESSEPHOTOGRAPH Internationaler
  • Geboren 1937 Bukarest, Rumaenien
  • Waehrend Dr. Kindheit nach Einwanderung Israel
  • Studio-Atelier im Kuenstlerzentrum Eilat I Roten Meer Seit 1983 UA Ausstellungen: Staedtische
  • Galerie, Kamen Staedtische Galerie, Kempen (Netherlands) Sokolov House, Tel Aviv (Israel)
  • Maritim Museum, Stockholm (Schweden)
  • Wanderausstellung in Chile Rubin Kultur Zentrum, Israel
  • Rothshild House, Haifa
  • Regierungspraesidium, Leipzig
  • Galerie Sued, Leipzig
  • Kuenstlerhaus, Jerusalem Galerie des Littauischen Kuenstlerverbandes, Vilnius (Littauen)
  • Arteutile, Palacio Riccio di Morana, Trapani-Sizilien (Italy)

You are invited to enjoy photos of a "different angle"

My pictures do not move, but every time you look at them, you reach a new angle, depth and meaning.

Picasso defined art as a message transferred from the artist's subconscious to the observer's subconscious.

My pictures ask: Enlarge me as much as possible!

How to buy?

In order to get the best of the pictures you need an utmost resolution.
You can order directly from me or through my dealers: www.alamy.com

Who should be interested?

  • Interior architects and Designers.
  • Art dealers, galleries, museums and curators.
  • Graphic designers, publication, advertisers.
  • Lovers of beautiful concepts and conceptualized beauty.