Possible Cooperation

Possible Cooperation

A note to you visitors
And to all those who are interested in the art of photography

It was a long way from the streets of Bucharest shelled and bombed, when me and my family were expelled from our beautiful home, tense and afraid all the time, through Ramat Gan, Israel, Herzliya gymnasium and Ohel Shem high school, to the calm city of Eilat , sea, desert and mountains. I arrived in Eilat in 1962, I worked 36 years at the Eilat port and did not stop, since the age of 17, look around and take pictures.

My art grew from scratch. Having no high formal education in art, I kept constantly learning by myself, encapsulating the world as I saw it. In my immediate environment, I found fascinating and universal elements sometimes in the most banal and simple objects, in godforsaken places like rusty tools, broken objects, stains and residues of life, I caught them by my lens, exposing their beauty to the world. With infinite enthusiasm and close relations with modern art and technology, I have developed unique techniques and created more and more art.

In a spirit of openness and sharing, and since I never depended on my art for living, I share my photos with everybody who have been interested in it and I got comments of excitement and joy.

I invite you to form a direct communication with my art. I would like to share with you what I see around me, hoping you will enjoy the beauty as I do.

It is only fair to disclose to you that my pictures are in their best when they are very large size. To print them with high resolution, you are welcome to contact me through the site or via my email address: yoelharel@gmail.com

I'd also love to get your opinions.

Yoel Harel, Eilat



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